mercy prevaileth over judgement

recently, a man of God was taking in the spirit to the heavens. getting there, he saw a lot of things, a lot of people; who were strolling to either ‘Hell or Heaven’. Then the angel who was assigned to show the man the things that which he needed to see took him straight to the gate of Heaven where God is sited on the throne.

different books were opened, as different people were cast into the lake of fire as their name was not found in the book of life. Only few were shown the gate of Heaven for they lived a righteous and holy life.

there was a particular woman whom on earth was an adulterer, a sinner indeed. The garment she wore was filled with stain, that is, a garment of sin.The only thing coming out from the woman’s mouth was God have mercy on me. These was what she was uttering till she died and Jesus in his infinite mercy interceded on that woman’s behalf.

so brethren, i want us to know that mercy does it and that we should at all time seek for the mercy of God as it is the only thing that can save us from perishing.


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