“Time flies, when it does, it is difficult to catch up with it.”
Time is Flying
“Time is precious to the man who wants to succeed. “

A minute wasted is an hour rejected; the same way a minute lost is never regained. Time is money that is more easily spent than saved. A person who misuses his time will regret at the end. One should always use time in the most profitable and productive way in order to achieve success. We should always try to use our time wisely in order to get the best result.

Time is precious to the man who wants to succeed. We should learn how to do the right thing at the right time. Some students are fond of whiling away their time early in the term, but when examinations are around the corner, they start cramming and rushing over things. Some will go to the extent of using brain pills and stimulants which would keep them awake all night.
There was a girl whose school fees were paid and every necessary thing was made available for her. But what did the parents get in return? She turned a deaf ear to their entreaties. The day of reckoning came; the promotion exam was difficult for her. She couldn’t scale through. So she stayed in the same class for two years. In spite all this, she still maintained a nonchalant attitude and ultimately fell out of school. This young girl still didn’t learn her lessons. She went on to worse things and joined a gang of robbers.
It was when she was caught, arrested and sentenced to death that she eventually came to her senses. “If I had known I would have used my time most beneficially during my school days. My parents, at least were prepared to foot my bill,” she lamented. That was how she ended as a never-do-well school girl who misused her time and opportunity.
We should all take care to spend our time and opportunity. ‘Tempus fugit, memento mori,’ it simply means time is fleeting.



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