The Scam By Presidency On Lagos CCTV

Lady Gbeborun's Blog

The depth of corruption and incompetence that pervades Nigeria’s public service is on display once again in the unfolding Federal Government’s $430 million surveillance camera contract. Not only has the government wasted a huge sum on another failed project, it may be delaying a similar and more transparent project by the Lagos State Government.

How could this mess be unraveled and the culpable officers brought to book…
The latest national embarrassment involves the Nigeria Public Security Communications System, formed in response to the dire insecurity in the country. A main component of the NPSCS is the installation of Closed Circuit Television Cameras in Abuja, the federal capital, and Lagos, the country’s economic powerhouse.

Among the issues the parliament should demand answers to is why the 2,000 CCTV cameras claimed to have been installed in the two cities are not working. Initiated in 2009, the CCTV project entailed Nigeria making a…

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