Guys, Here Are The Things Killing Your Sexual Libido

Lady Gbeborun's Blog

The average Nigerian is a doctor. To get a free and unsolicited drug prescription, just complain of one ailment and the drug referrals begin to flow like a deluge.

People don’t just prescribe drugs or home remedies for others, they also “treat” themselves whenever what they consider manageable health issues crop up. Consequently, by the time many people finally think of seeking professional help, they are almost useless…

Perhaps after sleeping pills, the next commonest drug of abuse is pain relief medication. People take over-the-counter-drugs for the relief of pain in various parts of the body and also for various health challenges. Many people are even unaware that certain pain medications are better suited for certain ailments and are therefore better prescribed by a competent professional, who will also monitor the effects, especially when such drugs are to be used for extended period, as in the treatment of chronic pain…

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