Tottenham Transfers: What Would Be a Fair Price for Spurs’ Gareth Bale?

Hi-res-168601125_crop_north Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Over the past few months, Gareth Bale‘s incredible form for Tottenham has caused him to be linked, via the Daily Mail, with big-money moves away from his club.  

Now, Spurs would obviously like to hold on to their best player and, given that he is under contract for some time, hold most of the cards in this transfer saga.

Further, a quick look at how the club has dealt with transfers over the past few years (the negotiations with Real Madrid for Luka Modric spring to mind) reveals that it will not be shy in holding on to Bale through pressure from club and/or player.

Add on the fact that Bale has many good reasons to stay at White Hart Lane, and the likelihood of a summer transfer for Bale seems in doubt.

However, there is one factor that could override all of these other factors and lead to a transfer this summer: money.

While Tottenham are right to want to hold on to Gareth Bale, it would be silly for the club not to consider a transfer should a rich club offer an absurd amount of money.

As good as Bale is and as much as he has carried Spurs over the past few months, the opportunity to trade the Welshman for five or six very good players would be hard to pass up.

So just how much would be enough to force Spurs to consider selling?

Just a few weeks ago, Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas made it clear that his club wouldn’t sell Bale even if Real Madrid were to make a bid of £60 million.

Such a fee would qualify as the second highest in history, just £20 million short of Cristiano Ronaldo‘s record £80 million sale to Real Madrid. That transfer, which happened in 2009, was for a 24-year-old Ronaldo who was coming off a Champions League title and runner-up medal in back-to-back seasons at Manchester United.

As for Bale, the 23-year-old has shown great potential, but has yet to really make a mark in terms of trophies.

Hence, for the sake of congruence, it would be difficult to reconcile a transfer fee higher than that of Ronaldo’s.

Thus, a good number would likely lie in the £65 to £70 million range.

The number is staggering enough that Tottenham would have to take notice. After all, given chairman Daniel Levy’s track record, that sum would be enough to be a whole new side of fine players.

Now, that’s not to say that that sort of bid would automatically win the transfer for a club.

However, £70 million is a fair price that would at least make Spurs consider selling their most prized asset.

Here’s to hoping that such a bid doesn’t come through for Gareth Bale this summer.


At what price would you consider selling Bale?

£30-45 million £45-60 million £60-70 million >£70 million No price, he must stay! Submit Vote in the comment below.


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