4.25.08: Closing out the week | New York Social Diary

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In 1969 George McFadden married then the much older and dowdy Topsy Taylor (See The List), one of the snobbiest and ungraceful of the social’s in New York, who was also from an old and prominent family (her great-great-great-grandfather Moses Taylor founded the National City Bank — now Citicorp; and worked for the Astors, as well as a financier of American railroads). In 1971, their daughter Lisa was born.

About that time George went out on his own and with his younger brother John founded McFadden Brothers, a private equity firm. The firm became a great success. George McFadden was a popular businessman in New York and Newport.

Twenty years into the marriage George decided to leave Topsy. The break-up, was no shock to his wife, and George handled all aspects honorably and properly. The couple continued to have a business relationship with George being the brains he allowed…

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