Shop Sells Ice Cream made from human breast milk

Lady Gbeborun's Blog

A London widely patronised restaurant,Convent Garden is reported to be selling ice cream made of human bosom milk.The icecream so called Baby Gaga is sold €14 per scoop with a cocktail glass.
The donor,Victoria Hiley who is 35 years old donates 30 fluid ounces of her bosom milk for the manufacture of Baby Gaga which can serve fifty people at a stand. The company makes it known that they are looking for more donors at a price of €15 for every ten ounces supplied using bosom pump machine. The recipé of the ice-cream blends with Madagascan vanilla nuts and lemon zest which is then churned into the sweetened Baby Gaga Icecream.

The ice-cream is then served with liquid Nitrogen through a syringe. The icem-cream can also go with whisky or other cocktail on request. Victoria,the mother of one said”When I first saw the advert on forum offering to pay women for…

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