10 tips for developing an online shop April 08, 2013

1. Objectives

Analyse your offer and the target market – and don’t put your entire range
on the internet from the very beginning, but rather just the items that sell
well in your actual shop.

2. Help

Only develop the shop yourself if you have your own IT department.
Otherwise, turn to a full-service agency.

3. Competition

Look at what your competitors are doing and how they are presenting themselves.

4. Costs

Check whether you can fall back on existing logistics or whether
you’ll have to develop or outsource this. Furthermore, note that
each order will also involve transaction costs, credit card fees,
commissions and postage.

5. Layout

Make sure that your shop corresponds to customer needs and
that the contents are also optimised for search engines.

6. Product presentation

Use meaningful product photos with a clear description and price.
Availability and the delivery period are also important.

7. Payment function

Always offer your customers several payment options and check
whether you want to offer an invoice option for international business.

8. Security

Lead your customers to a secure area at the latest when they click
to checkout and inform them of this.

9. Legal

Don’t forget the legal framework. You have to be familiar with the
consumer protection rights of the target countries and take them
into account in the online shop.

10. Maintenance

Update the content, offer something new and special offers.
Your online shop must be nurtured and cared for.

(Source: Die Post)



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