Calls for the Union and University to Scrap the Sun and ‘Lads Mags’

The Ripple

Several notable officers in Union Parliament are attempting to introduce an emergency Proposal (available here) that would see the Students’ Union block the sale of ‘material of a sexual nature’ – largely believed to target ‘Lads Mags’ and the Sun newspaper, due to an alleged breach of the Equalities Act 2010. The paper would also see the Union lobby the University to halt the sale of ‘material of a sexual nature’.

The emergency Proposal, which will have to be accepted by the procedural Steering Committee before it can be voted on at the next Union Parliament (11th June), was submitted after some members were horrified at popular tabloid the Sun’s front page on Tuesday, 28th May. The Sun published a photograph of a nude woman from a ‘three-quarter back view’ in which, the emergency Proposal argues, ‘her breast was fully exposed, including the nipple’, the day after the publication…

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