Stray bullets hit 58-yr-old woman… as police battle cult members

When Madam Christiana Omotosho
went visiting her son, it was meant
to be a reunification trip. But
events took a frightening form. She
was shot by the police, not for
being a criminal or resisting arrest.
How was the 58-year-old woman

Police officers attached to the Pedro
Division at Onipanu area of Lagos State had their hands full recently when they engaged suspected cult members and robbers in the locality in a gun battle. In the end, a couple of innocent people were caught in the cross-fire. For a long time now, suspected cult members and robbers had reportedly found their way to Mushin and Palm Grove axis of the

This had, reportedly given law enforcement agents sleepless nights. The situation got to a stage that Lagos
Police Commissioner, Umar Manko, gave marching orders to his Divisional
Police Officers to brace up or be quizzed. In line with the directive and
acting on a tip off, policemen attached
to the Pedro Division recently went after suspects where they were reportedly hibernating.

Around 6:00p.m on Tuesday, May 29,
2013, at Popoola Street in the area, a
detachment of policemen reportedly
stormed the hideout and engaged the
suspected cultists cum robbers in a
gun battle. Sadly, during the police shooting, which was described as
‘indiscriminate’, stray bullets from the
police guns reportedly hit innocent
people close to the spot.

One of the victims of police’s action
was a 58-year-old woman, Christiana
Omotosho, who came to the vicinity to
see her son. Omotosho was reportedly
seated outside the house where the
suspected criminals were said to be

An eyewitness account claimed that the policemen drove into the area on Hilux van and immediately opened fire on the people seated where the suspected bandits were thought to be hiding. It was reported that the bullets hit parts of the shops in front of the house Omotosho and some other fun seekers were seated. She was reported to have suddenly screamed falling face flat on the ground.

It was reported that a pellet from the
bullet hit her forehead. Omotosho was
not the only victim of the cross-fire. Another victim, identified simply as
Olabisi, a cyber café operator who
reportedly was at the spot to purchase
an item also suffered various degrees
of injuries.

When Saturday Mirror attempted to
speak with Omotosho, she was said to
be receiving treatment at an undisclosed clinic. But her son, Adefisayo, whom the woman came to
see, claimed that his mother was badly injured.

“There is a little kiosk in front of my
house where guys always hang around. The police were coming from
Ogunbadejo area and when they noticed the guys there, the police
parked and jumped out of their vehicle.

None of the guys ran immediately they saw the police, but when the police officers jumped down and started positioning themselves, that was when the guys started running, and the police began to shoot indiscriminately,”
he said.

Adefisayo claimed further that while the policemen were shooting, the walls of the shops were riddled by bullets while bottles and other items around were also hit. Adefisayo, however, claimed that upon reporting the matter at the police station, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO)questioned whether he (Adefisayo) did not want the law enforcement agents to do their work as stipulated by law.

One Mrs Oloyede, who runs a bar in the area, also claimed that but for divine providence, a lot of people would have been killed. She claimed that her customers had to run for dear lives when the policemen started shooting indiscriminately.

Saturday Mirror in a chat with a police
Sergeant, who pleaded anonymity,
learnt that the policemen were on
routine patrol of the area and noticed
some bad boys lurking around the area before they alighted and gave the suspected criminals a good fight.

The police Sergeant maintained that
the suspected criminals also engaged
the law enforcement agents in gun
duel before they (criminals) beat a
retreat and bowed to the superior
firepower of the law enforcement

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