Nigerian Prostitute Murdered In Spain By A Kung Fu Master. (Photos)

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One of the most famous martial arts masters of Spain, Juan Carlos Aguilar, 47, was arrested for the murder of a Nigerian prostitute in Spain.

The 29-years-old Nigerian woman, Maureen Ada Ortuya, was allegedly beaten up by Kung Fu martial artist Juan Carlos Aguilar and left in coma after the assault. She was found by the police at Aguilar’s gym after a passerby saw him drag a woman by the hair inside his Buddist temple and alerted the police who came and took the woman to the Basurto hospital in Bilbao where she died on Wednesday morning at about 12pm.

Late Maureen was taken to the hospital in a very serious condition after being found badly beaten all over her body and with her hands, neck and feet tied.

Investigation by the Spanish police revealed human remains of a Colombian woman in his house whom Juan Carlos admitted he had…

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5 thoughts on “Nigerian Prostitute Murdered In Spain By A Kung Fu Master. (Photos)”

    1. Wow! longtime old friend. I believe your saw my invite? if not, check your mail. Speaking bout rape, I don’t think she was raped but it’s obvious that she was tortured by the psychopathic guy. Only God knows why.

  1. The bible tells us that: ‘The wages of sin is death’, i think she has met her final warrant. Personally to me, i will neither question nor feel pity for her cuz she deserves to die. Those who are crying for her will soon be put to judgement. She is among those prostitudes out there painting the image of our beloved country with black.

    1. Hey Udo, I totally seconded you.

      I mean she gets what she bargain for, she asked for it and gbam! She gets it.

      Thanks for voicing out your opinion. Glad to see you here and I will like to encourage to read this blog often.


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