The Consumer Hunt–The joy and instinct that drive her to SHOP


Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Sarah Epia. She is a freelance writer and she would love to interact with you in the comment box below.


Why Do Women Love Shopping So Much?shopping re

This is one question that has been on the lips of many, especially the men who find this abstruse. One can say women and shopping are synonymous, more like one word. Fact is, everyone loves shopping but some argue that men “buy’ while women “shop”. Men are said to be on a mission; they get into a shop to buy a specific item, probably with the help of a sales associate in finding the item, followed by the associate’s help in getting through checkout quickly. While women on the other hand, have a knack for shopping, they so invest in the shopping experience. Women shoppers value and appreciate sales associate who make them feel very important by giving them a tour of the shop and proffering items to them.


Shopping activity is esoteric, and women are very fond of it, they don’t mind spending their last money on shopping, this may seem quite unusual but I have some points that have undergone scrutiny that will help change your speculative beliefs as regards women and their love for shopping.



Now, who doesn’t love change? I’m so sure I would not get a negative reply for this. Shopping brings about change for women, because change brings about pleasant situations. Ab-initio, change is constant, and so is shopping. Having a particular look everyday could be boring and this limits your interaction with people, so therefore, there is a reason for change and that is where shopping comes into play.



It is a well know fact that clothes, footwear, eye wears, belts, shoes, bags, accessories and many other fashion items that raises a woman’s style quotient deserves a place in her shopping list. And why she does need all these items? It is because she loves to doll up, she loves to look good and be appreciated. Know also that buying one fashion item in her shopping list automatically paves way for the other items in her shopping cart.



Women can never resist the temptation to redo their living room after catching a glimpse of her neighbor’s, neither can she refuse the urge to get a new dish set, she saw at a friend’s kitchen, those new pairs of stilettos worn by a co-worker or that super stylish candle stand grinning at a pal’s dinner party. They will always want it, because someone else has it BEING A WOMAN This totally qualifies as a reason for shopping. As the unrepentant shopaholics that women are, they will never fail to live up to their names. So don’t forget that shopping for women is a daily ritual, they are always unabashed scanning for ads, sorting through heaps of shoes or racks, neither does she mind waiting in line. HAPPY SHOPPING WOMEN!!!


Over to you – please use the comments section below to share your own views and experiences:

  • Who do YOU think likes shopping most between men and women?
  • If your answers are yes, why and what do you think is the reason behind women’s obsession towards shopping??

I’d like to thank YOU for taking the time to read this post – and as always, if you think your friends and followers might enjoy it, please don’t forget to ‘share’ :)

Sarah Epia is a young writer, an on air personality and a student at the University of Calabar. You can follow her on twitter @sarahepia.


12 thoughts on “The Consumer Hunt–The joy and instinct that drive her to SHOP”

    1. Yeah Mr. Eric, you are absolutely right.

      They are many strings one has to pull and to be able to that one definitely gotta be focus.

      Thanks for sharing your two cent comment. Glad to see you here and I hope you will enjoy yourself as you surf through the posts.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Sam – nice to be over at your blog and I’m glad you sent me the link 🙂

    Well, women do love shopping but I think there are exceptions like me there too! Yes, I shop though rarely and only when required, not otherwise as such. However, I do love to window-shop and not really shop when I’m out.

    I think women love shopping because they are forever thinking of adding more color and things to their wardrobe, or want to compete with each other, whether it’s for a purse, or clothes…oh yes..the list in endless I think. But I do think even some men like shopping, and some households have men shopping more than the women!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Yeah, they really love to shop and statistics have it that women spent almost three years of their lives shopping.

      Harleena, I understand your kinda person. You’d do something more productive than to spend the whole day shopping.

      You are so right Harleena but I wonder why they have to go through all those hassle all in the name of “Competition”.

      I also agree with you bout some men who shop more than the ladies, theirs is understandable cus most of them grew up amidst ladies and so they automatically inherit the knack of shopping

      Thanks for leaving your two cent comment Queen Harleena, I do appreciate!

  2. I think both men and women do shop a lot because the men always want to get the latest and look nice to their admirers while the women wants to be everything their colleagues are. Well written

    1. Hmm Ms. Adams, Thanks for sharing your two cent comments.

      I second your thought bout men wanting to look good in order to please those girls. I think you are right.

      How ladies love competition! Glad to see you here again.

      Thanks and do have a fantastic day ahead 🙂

  3. Well, like Harleena, maybe I’m one of the exceptions that prove the rule, Sam, but I like to get in there, find what I’m looking for and get back home. Actually, my husband’s more of a ‘shopper’ thank I am – I find shopping exhausting – I’d rather be reading, writing or walking my dogs 🙂

    Vive la difference!


    1. Yeah Sue, like Harleena.

      Fact is I don’t expect that from you guys, I mean the obsession most ladies has towards shopping is really unbecoming.

      I look at some of these ladies and I’ll be like HELLOooo. What!

      Are you kidding me. You don’t mean it?

      Thank you sharing your thought here Sue.


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