Night with an Olympian, Eric Radford


Yes, silver medalist, Eric Radford, was in town last week.  I was able to meet him and get some pics.  Eric is from our little town of Red Lake in Northwestern Ontario!  From this little village an Olympian rose.  It is truly amazing and inspirational to all of us!

Eric is a world champion figure skater.  His partner is Megan Duhamel.  Did you see them at Sochi?  They won the silver for the Team competition.  Canada, we rock at the winter Olympics!!  Hmmm wonder why.  Excuse me while I go and dig myself out of the snow  in front of my door.

Eric’s mom was my typing and short hand teacher in High School. Anyone remember those days?  Does anyone learn shorthand anymore?  I remember quite a bit and still use it when I’m taking notes. I know, loser.

Eric is such a nice guy.  He posed for endless pictures…

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