On the Resurrection


But, the doctrine of the resurrection, to which the transfiguration alluded, was what the disciples were utterly unable to understand.  They had never learned that the Messiah was to die, far less that He was to be raised from the dead.  They were, on the contrary, persuaded that He was to abide forever and that His kingdom was to have no end.  They were also greatly surprised at the sudden appearance of Elias [Elijah – RZ] and could not comprehend what the scribes meant by affirming that He must appear before the Messiah erects His empire.  They, therefore, after long debating among themselves, asked their Master, “Why say the scribes that Elias must first come?”  To which, Jesus answered that Elias should truly come first, according to the prediction of Malachi, “and restore all things.”   But, at the same time, He assured them that Elias was already come, and…

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