Subjugation of Hamunaptra – The Biggest Cinema Show Ever!

“The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation.” ~ Stella Adler

Now, Stella did give a stellar remark of what the word theatre means and that I believe was pretty awesome.

So here’s my take about the whole drama thing; “Drama is life and brings transformation to the one seeing it.” That’s why I love the art, live for the art, and can die for the art because it’s what give pleasure to my heart and what brings joy to my very  soul.

While preparing this article, I decided to ask my very good friend Annabelle, what she love about DRAMA and why she liked ACTING?

Here’s what she said:

EVERYTHING! The cast, the excitement, the cheers from the crowd, the costumes, the make-up, becoming someone else, experimenting with lines, and MUCH more…. Sam, trust me the feeling is so exhilarating!

Like Annabelle, all this makes me so happy and there’s that same feeling coming up soon when the world’s most amazing troupe will be presenting yet another fantastic Drama Ministration in what they call “Subjugation of Hamunaptra

Subjugation of Hamunaptra? What does that mean?

Well, good concern! I knew you’d ask.



In the year 1339BC, the ancient Egyptian, Naharuth Bin Sadat wrote in 7-scrolls of papyrus, a prediction that someday man will overcome Hamunaptra- lord of death and live forever. That man’s descendants will have immortality and live forever too.

The first volume of the scrolls was buried in the tomb of King Tutankhamen.
It surfaced in 1922 AD when British explorer John Carter discovered King Tut’s mummy in the valley of the kings.

In the year 2003 AD Israeli archeologist excavating the Dead Sea recovered the 7th volume of the scrolls from its watery grave. It was preserved in the saline waters of the Dead Sea.
That same year the United Nations World Heritage Council returned the 7th Volume of the Scrolls to Alexandria in Egypt and for the first time after many centuries, the two scrolls were together again.

Join us as Omdurman El-Meshra – curator of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities -unravels the mystery of the sacred scrolls.

The quest of a thousand Pharaohs will finally be laid to rest as Unveil Studios reenacts the Subjugation of Hamunaptra – history of mystery!

Sam: (Sigh) Hope you now understand what “Subjugation of Hamunaptra” is about?

You: I think so

Sam: You think so? Well, I will just go ahead and show you a 1minute video in order to catch a glimpse of what you’re in for.

You: Oh good thanks!

 Watch This:

So that’s the short clips guys….enjoy it!

You: So you told us about the event and even showed us the video clips, how about the event location?

Sam: Another fabulous question. 😀

So here:


MAINLAND CENTRE:Venue: HARVESTERS – Plot 5-7 Gbagada-Oshodi Expressway, Opposite Mobil filing Station, Gbagada, Lagos.
Date: 18th April,
Red carpet: 4.00PM.
Show Time: 1st Show: 5:00Pm, 2nd show: 6:30PM
RSVP: 07044429270-5

ISLAND CENTRE:Venue: HARVESTERS – Block 94, plot 22, Providence Street beside VFS, lekki Phase I , Lagos.
Date: 20th April,
Red carpet: 4.00PM.
Show Time: 5:30Pm.
RSVP: 07044429270-5

That’s about all the information you need to get to the event venue, be it on the Mainland or on the Island.

So I figured out you might want to go to the website to check for more info that’s if I’ve not herein covered them all, plus there’s the need to register in order to “reserve yourself a seat”. Go here to register.

You need to register ASAP to reserve a seat for yourself and your loved ones because over 20, 000 people would be present. I would want to sit in the main auditorium if I were you!


So that’s SOH and it’s an event that’s definitely going to go down the line of history, when it comes to Church Drama as over 20, 000 people would be present.

What insight me the most about SOH is the love, fight, tension, suspense, bitterness, happiness, carriage of the actors, and yeah….the lessons and message it passes to it viewers…and even more!

It’s thenceforth not erroneous to say that the play would be opulence, stupendous, bedazzlement, awesomely fascinating, breathtaking and of course outstanding. 😀 😀 😀

Over to you – please use the comments section below to share your own views and experiences:

  • Have you ever been to the cinema?What was it like?
  • DO you think you will be around? If not, why?

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