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5 Powerful People Who Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses have many roles. On the one hand, they’re protective against UV rays, dust and bright lights. On the other hand, they’re stylish and fashionable. But they’re also great for adding a touch of mystery, something that famous people are always after. Although it’s hard to believe sunglasses could actually hide someone’s identity, they to play an important part in celebrities’ wardrobes. We picked five of the most powerful people today and went through lots and lots of their photos. The conclusion. Sunglasses are part of their personality! Click here for a pair that suits you!


Lady Gaga

1. Lady Gaga. When it comes to fashion statements, Lady Gaga has been through all the major steps. This, of course, includes that infamous meat dress, but also a wide collection of funky eyewear. You will not see a minimal, regular frame on her face, ever!

World Premiere Of Paramount Pictures & Marvel Entertainment's "Iron Man 2?

2. Robert Downey Jr. His everyday eyewear includes round glasses with tinted lenses, which are celebrities usually have custom made. However, his roles often ask for wrap around designs such as this one, and aviators, and the actor wears them gracefully.

Justin Beiber

3. Justin Bieber. The young singer is a promoter of young brands. His sunglasses are always hip and they come from the coolest new brands. We wouldn’t expect anything else from such a superstar, would we?


4. Jay-Z. Some say Jay-Z has it all: the fame, the perfect wife, and a new baby. Ok, so he probably does! He also has an impressive eyewear collection, with brands such as Persol and Yves Saint Laurent, in classic styles, but with the occasional hip-hop twist.

Howard Stern

5. Howard Stern. The King of All Media is known for his curly hair and small glasses, which have become synonymous with his personality. He will also wear aviators and oval shapes, avoiding lenses that are too dark in color.

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