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SamuelKermis planning to be the new whiz of blogging!


Hey honorable readers! I greet and celebrate you. Hope ya’all doing well today?

Being the cofounder of, I’m today glad to announce that Sam and I have finally decided to move this blog to the next level.

To the next level?

Yeah to the next level!

Every blogger wants to push his/her blog to the next level; every blogger wants more people to hear his voice; every blogger want success. Isn’t it?

Before starting this blog we thought the same, we wanted success, we wanted people to hear us.

And we’ve succeeded in achieving what we expected from this blog. Although I wasn’t there in the early stages of this blog but I’m sure Sam had the same motive.

Sam started this blog on September 2011 to spread his voice, he didn’t get success in the early stages but now it seems he is getting that desired success – and that’s why we have planned to move this blog to the next level, as in, to a new, better and permanent site. 🙂

Here What Sam Have to Say:

I was sitting on the sofa of my friend’s living room when suddenly I was hit by an idea of searching the internet with my phone with the query ‘how to get my voice on the internet’. And I immediately picked up my phone and started the search that helped to know what is called a “Blog”.

I actually started with a blogspot blog but owing to the fact not being able to maneuver I quitted blogspot and moved to wordpress, which was somewhat easier.

Now, all these happened in 2011 and in September of that same 2011, I took the initiative of learning some few techniques, ones that helped me to start posting articles.

Again, I became frustrated but this time because I wasn’t getting enough people to read my works and so decided to quit blogging again.

And in 2013, around June-July, I embarked upon a research of knowing what blogging truly is and what it takes to succeed. I got myself many different materials and scrupulously studied them.

So in August I already was doing a lot of guest postings, blog commenting, sharing my blog posts across social networks and also allowed other writers to share their expertise with you – my readers.

And in September, I started my other blog – Pro Motivator – A place where I teach and incubate you for lifelong success.

Did I leave this blog during those times? Nope! I was managing the two blogs and was sharing posts from my friends with you – my readers.

So the Flashback:

Sam was wandering around the streets of blogging a month ago and suddenly he got to know that the traffic of his blog had boosted up a great deal. It was about 1000 daily PVs – a lot more than we expected.

Sam wanted to continue with the blog but I suggested him that we should move – that it was the best time to make our voice prominent among blogging folks.

It took a lot of time for us to plan for a complete new blog. We took a week or two to select the brand new domain and it took a month to recruit staffs for our brand new blog. BTW, the new domain can be found on Blogging Whiz.

What Are Our Plans?

There will be nothing new on our blog what’s new is our passion and our staffs.

We have planned to provide our visitors quality stuff from the best bloggers and writers around the web. And solely for this purpose we’ve made our new blog a multi-author blog so anybody can contribute to our blog.

You can post just about anything – ranging from tech, blogging tips, inspiration & motivation, dating & relationship tips, education, make money online, business related stuffs and a host of other topics you can actually think of.

Simply put, the blog is niche-less!


Should Africa re-think homosexuality?

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africaCulture is not static—it changes. Therefore if culture is the only basis upon which [Africans] are rejecting the legalization of homosexuality, then we are just postponing the problem. The Kenyan author and self proclaimed gay, Binyavanga Wainaina, is right when he says, “I’m extremely optimistic about rapid transformation and change of things in Africa in general.” In addition Mr. Wainaina says “It’s set off. It cannot stop. It’s going to be turbulent. There’ll be dark bits and there’ll be bright bits, but it’s a speed train.”[1]Part of what is going to make this…

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Tuesday Things – Yellow Inspired

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I don’t care that there is still snow on the ground – I am so ready for Spring. And yellow is just the ultimate color of springtime, don’t you think? So, let’s get our yellow on!

1) Get some happy for your kitchen!


These ceramic canisters from Target’s Threshold line are sporting lids in the perfect shade of springtime yellow! I imagine most people would use these for tea bags or granola, but I have my eye on them for a lovely new way to stash Emma’s dog treats.

2) Yellow in the Bedroom


I am not in the market for new bedding (according to my husband), however if I were, I would be all over this Ikat duvet cover from West Elm. How could you not be happy waking up in that bed?

3) Grow some Sunshine


I was given these beautiful vase of tulip bulbs a couple…

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